カセットテープ 34タイトル 35本

Dinner Music “Blood Quantum” (Spleencoffin)
Sister/Body “Star / Red” (Spleencoffin)
V.A. “Splenic Injuries:10 Year Anniversary Compilation” (Spleencoffin)
Comfort Link “The Complex Moods of...” (Spleencoffin)
Demonstration Synthesis “DS15” (Phinery)
Ondness “Filho do Dono” (Phinery)
TAKAHIRO MUKAI “1409-1” (Phinery)
Lortica “Mialle Tapes” (Phinery)
Crown Of Cerberus “Her Everlasting Strength” (Terror)
Angel1 “Allegra Bin 1” (1080p)
Khotin “Hello World” (1080p)
SFV Acid “Dwell” (MP3 Records)
Daniel Shampoo “Flipper's Bitter” (birdFriend)
Tlaotlon / Střed Světa “split” (Baba Vanga)
V.A. “She Knows More Than She Thinks” (Not Not Fun)
Ill Winds “s/t” (Not Npt Fun)
Grandma Lo-Fi “The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir
” (Hornbuckle Records)
Ondness “Absolute Elsewhere” (videogamemusic)
V.A. “All Star Mode Volume One” (videogamemusic)
V.A. “Gardens Volume One” (videogamemusic)
Dracula Lewis “Technical XTC” (Hundebiss)
JS Aurelius “Slime Of The Chasm” (Handmade Birds)
Driftmachine “Eis Heauton” (Umor Rex)
Isobel Ccircle~ “The House in HarbourPark” (Auditory Field Theory)
Sheer Mag “CS” (Wilsuns RC)
Ekin Fil “Wind is Near” (Sacred Phrases)
Raica “Leeft” (Further Records)
TAKAHIRO MUKAI “Gestaltzerfall” (Further Records)
Strings “Corde” (Further Records)
Puls Emitter “Euphoria” (Sacred Phrases)
Wanhonda / N.N.N. Cook “split” (close/far recordings)
Suokas “Being” (Full Of Nothing)
Moon B “Lifeworld” (1080p)
Magic Fades “Push Thru” (1080p)

Twins “Cold Gemini” (Clan Destine)
Happy Meals “Apéro” (Night School) 
Forth World Magazine Vol.2 “Pinhead In Fantasia” (Pacific City Sound Visions)
Twins “Love Is A Luxury” (CGI)
Profligate “The Red Rope EP” (DKA)
Letha Rodman-Melchoir “Shimmering Ghost” (Siltbreeze)
Ariel Pink “Pom Pom” (4AD)
Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler “Slant Of Light” (Thrill Jockey)
Tsembla “Terror & Healing” (New Images)

Love Cult “Wonderland” (Full Of Nothing)


あらべぇ “babe people / Naan Gossip” (self release)



カセットテープ 39タイトル 43本

D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. “Killing Is No Murder” (Opal Tapes)
Decimus “Maroboduus” (Opal Tapes)
Flores Del Vicio “Reach A Better Feeling” (Opal Tapes)
V.A. “Somehow Commissioned # 2 : TEXTURE” (Phinery)
Final Cop “Lieutenant John Pike” (J&C Tapes)
Girlseeker “Untitled” (Infinite Waves)
EEAOO “Morfin” (Infinite Waves)
Chienne Lucas “Left Hand Orientation” (Infinite Waves)
Jacob Kirkegaard “5 Pieces” (Posh Isolation)
M.Sage “Data in the Details” (Geographic North)
DarkTwaine “EarthEmergency vol.1” (Zona Tapes)
Old Svrfers “Ain't Scared of Shaka” (Tranquility Tapes)
YYU “Room Music” (Beer On The Rug)
[PHYSICS] “Only Forever” (Constellation Tatsu)
Opaline “Memory Drain” (Constellation Tatsu)
Ratkiller “Comfortably Declined” (Baba Vanga)
Aleide “L'amour Fou” (Lolipop)
Chicklette “UNFAITHFUL” (Hundebiss)
Ultraa Briight “Roue de Fortune” (Orange Milk)
Nick Storring “Endless Conjecture” (Orange Milk)
Regular Fantasy “Slow Release” (Total Distribution)
V.A. “Summer Cool One” (Summer Cool)
LSTNGT “Limitis Of The Twilight” (self release)
Nico Niquo “Epitaph” (Orange Milk)
Jung An Tagen “Aeussere” (Orange Milk)
Giant Claw “DARK WEB” (Orange Milk)
SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL “TheShopApprenticeEP” (ICS Library Records)
Nadia Khan “Open Interior” (Where To Now?)
Roger Tellier-Craig “Visites Possibles and Sightings- Music for the videos of Sabrina Ratté” (Where To Now?)
Secret Boyfriend “They're Playing Themselves” (GROVL Tapes)
Les Halles “Forum” (Noumenal Loom)
Wes Tirey “Concerning the Disputed Photograph of Crazy Horse” (Noumenal Loom)
Sumbu Dunia “Sister Nature” (Noumenal Loom)
Twins “Music From The Insider” (DKA Records)
Afterhours “Post-Geography” (Not Not Fun)
Tlaotlon “Natural Divices” (World Memory Records)
夕方の犬(U ・ェ・) “ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•
̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ♡” (Constellation Tatsu)
Age Coin “Live at The Royal Danish Theatre 140414” (BIG LOVE)
Lower “Live Copenhagen 31.01.15” (BIG LOVE)

Asuna “100 Keyboards” (Meeuw Muzak)
Nadine Byrne “A Different Gesture: 
Collected Soundtracks 2011-2012” (IDEAL Recordings)
Size Queen / Jane La Onde “The Spectacle / Buy Buy Buy” (Feeding Tube)
Jessica Pratt “On Your Own Love Again” (Drag City)
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma “A Year With 13 Moons” (Mexican Summer)
Dan Melchior “The Souls Of Birds And Mice” (Siltbreeze)
Antoni Maiovvi “Avrokosm” (Not Not Fun)
Cold Name “Eat Your Hand” (Desire)
Celebrine & Alien Delon “Happy Tears” (Non Records)
Nedelle Torrisi “Advice From Paradise” (Ethereal Sequence)
Lotic “Heterosetera” (Tri Angle)
V.A. “Strategies Against The Body” (DKA Records)

Genesis Hull “Who Feels It, Knows It Dub / Instrumentals” (melting bot)
Marreck “Cetology” (nute records)
Vermani Shah “Saffron Sacrament & Quicksilver Communion” (Somnimage)

X-FILES “Loves Everything But The Paranoia” (self release)
/f “pq;m” (Psalmus Diuersae)
V.A. “madegg vs FOODMAN - VS-03”

Cold Name “Neuron” (Solitude Solutions)



F “Sacn” (Infinite Waves)
Hong Kong Ladyboys “Slangenoia MIX” (Infinite Waves)
Goodiepal “Sosterhoj Mysteriet & Hessdalen” (Infinite Waves)
Project Pablo "I Want To Believe" (1080p)
MCFERRDOG “Lawd Forgive Me” (1080p)
Celestial Trax “Ride or Die” (Bootleg Tapes)
Helena Huff “A Tape” (Handmade Birds)
Policy “The Republic” (100% Silk)
Mykki Blanco “Gay Dog Food” (Ormolycka)
Death Grips “Exmilitary” (Ormolycka)
Expo '70 “July 18 2004 Live At infrasonic Sound Studiio” (Sonic Meditations)
Joane Skyler “orzz” (Reckno)
Teresa Winter “Oh Tina, No Tina” (Reckno)
Kinlaw “Chorus † Mysticus (white)” (Reckno)
Takahiro Mukai “SomosanSeppa” (Paralaxe Editions)
Lanuk “vV” (Baba Vanga)
Ondness “Them Corja” (Paralaxe Editions)
[c:s]104 / Alex Tyson “Somnus / Nucleus // Aquaglass” (Exo Tapes)
Laura Luna “Isolarios” (Baba Vanga)
Morkebla “Meet Me In A Decompression Chamber” (Farbwechsel)
bobu / Jiro Bevis “4:00AM / Hot Sands” (BACON)
German Army “Clan Chieftains” (Handmade Birds)
Demonstration Synthesis “DS20” (Cosmic Winnetou)
Dayin “Letting Go Of People” (Cosmic Winnetou)
Mathias Grassow “Behind The Evident” (Cosmic Winnetou)
Mathias Grassow “Short Stories” (Cosmic Winnetou)
LXV “Witness / Recall” (monorail trespassing)

Powell “Sylvester Stallone / Smut” (XL)
Anom Vitruv “Anomie” (Total Stasis)
Sabla “Spirits EP” (Gang Of Ducks)
Félicia Atkinson “A Readymade Ceremony” (Shelter Press)
Sean McCann “Ten Impressions For Piano & Strings” (Root Strata)
Joanne Robertson “Black Moon Days” (Feeding Tube)
Marshstepper “A New Sacrament Of Death” (Downwards North America)
Hank Wood And The Hanmmerheads “Stay Home!!” (Toxic State)
Komodo Haunts “Suijin” (Aguirre)
Scout Peré-Phillips “Heed The Call” (DAIS)

Vantla “C” (self release)
Ventla “D” (self release)
食品まつり aka FOODMAN “COULDWORK” (melting bot)
Red Velvet “Automatic” (SM)


Sofia Reta “ODOURS 『香水』” (self release)
Anda “Touch - EP”



カセットテープ 46本

BAT “Form and Void” (Opal Tapes)
Ex Geo “Memex” (Indole Records)
Blood Room “Habitus” (Indole Records)
Peter Kris “Sprawl and Sky” (A Giant Fern)
V.A. “Gardens Volume Two” (videogamemusic)
Loke Rahbek and Puce Mary “132” (BIG LOVE)
Border Force “Vedi Napoli E Poi Muori” (BIG LOVE)
Puce Mary “Success” (BIG LOVE)
Xth Réflexion “/\\06” (Aught)
食品まつり a.k.a FOODMAN “COULDWORK” (Orange MIlk)
DJ Fultono “My Mind Beats Vol. 1” (Orange MIlk)
Padna “Rimessa Truppa Suite” (Orange MIlk)
Three Legged Race “Rope Commercial vol.2” (Vitrine) 
Unexamine “Property” (Chondritic Sound)
Eartheater “Metalepsis” (Hausu Mountain)
Sigbrand “Secret Handshake” (No Kings)
Tikhie Kamni “Zemli” (Full Of Nothing)
Hmot “Barricades” (Full Of Nothing)
Body Of Light “Limits Of Reason” (Ascetic House)
Kara-Lis Converdale “Aftertouches” (Sacred Phrases)
Neu Balance “Rubber Sole” (1080p)
Hakobune “Sinking Stars” (Beer On The  Rug)
Allegory Chapel Ltd. “GNOSIS: Themes for Rituals Sacred & Profane” (Nostilevo)
Pod Blotz “Human Division” (Nostilevo)
BNJMN “Brack” (Bracktapex1)
Kevin Harris / N.N.N. Cook “split” (Close / Far Recordings)
Sofa Pits “Dim” (A Q U A E)
Ilyas Ahmed “I Am All Your Own” (Immune)
Ovis Aurum “s/t” (Seagrave)
Broshuda “Flares” (Seagrave)
Bluntfang “COARSE LIGHT II: OTW FROM HEAVEN” (Harsh Riddims)
Takahiro Mukai “The Simple Operation Method” (Harsh Riddims)
Divine Interface “Bare All” (Harsh Riddims)
Fit of Body “Health is Wealth Vol.1” (Harsh Riddims)
Russell E. L. Butler “God Is Change” (Opal Tapes)
Perfume Advert “+200 Gamma” (Opal Tapes)
V.A. “Noise @ The Bike Shop, Vol. 1” (the Newark Bike Project)
baba “Odd Potion” (Where To Now?)
GDL “s/t” (Where To Now?)
Soren Roi “Flood Out” (Handmade Birds)
Fluorescent Heights “Relaxing In The New World” (Beer On The Rug)
Strange Mountain “Glass Clouds II” (Exo Tapes)
CVN “Concrete Virus Nu” (Baba Vanga)
White Magic “I'm Hiding My Nightingale” (Leaving)
Ahnnu “Perception” (Leaving)
Euglossine “Complex Playground” (Beer On The  Rug)

Naked Hug “Naked And Legless / Armless And Naked” (Vauva)
Tlaotlon “Mad Idem! / Oudimma” (Vauva)
Kuupuu “Balsam / Rat Baby Baby” (Vauva)
Marching Church “This World Is Not Enough” (BIG LOVE/Posh Isolation)
J. S. Aurelius / Marie Davidson “split” (Neuro Modulation)
Jerry Paper “Carousel” (Bayonet)
Xosar “Let Go” (Black Opal)
Loke Rahbek and Puce Mary “The Female Form” (Posh Isolation)
Palmbomen “Palmbomen II” (Beats In Space Records)
Willie Burns & Torn Hawk “Becoming Nice” (Valcrond Video)
Sparkling Wide Pressure “Clouds & Stairs” (No Kings)
Miguel Alvarino “Miguel Alvarino” (Hot Releases)
(New England) Patriots / Palberta “Special Worship” (Feeding Tube)
Laura Groves “Committed Language” (Deek)
Pins “Too Little Too Late” (Bella Union)
Sufjan Stevens “Carrie & Lowell” (Ascmatic Kitty)
Helmer “Roccale” (Valcrond Video)
Eugene Ward “Paint En Pointe” (Where To Now?)

Samantha Vacation “must not have been MNRB to begin wit” (Salon)
Exo “Exodus” (SM)

R U Real “s/t”


カセットテープ 32タイトル 33本

Ritual Hawls “Turkish Leather” (Nostilevo)
Pleasure Korps “Blessings” (Nostilevo)
Benedek / SYMS “Solitude” (self release)
Portpia '81 “Jet Stream” (Constellation Tatsu)
Sarah Davachi “Qualities of Bodies” (Constellation Tatsu)
OverScan “Conscious” (Constellation Tatsu)
KTB “s/t” (Feeding Tube)
Střed Světa  “Oboustranně dvoudílný” (zamzamrec)
Cankun “Only The SUn Is Full Of Gold” (Not Not Fun)
Prurient  “Frozen Niagara Falls” (Profound Lore Records)
Men Of Bissao “The Shadows Bleed Here And Follow” (Nostilevo)
kuxxan SUUM “Anti-Gravity Tea Ceremony” (Rano)
Mourn “s/t” (Captured)
Cambo “Patronage & Pork” (Crash Symbols)
Grapefruit “Some New-Age Bullshit” (Field Hymns)
Marie Davidson “Un Autre Voyage” (Holodeck)
Less Win “s/t” (Infinite Waves)
D/P/I “JEANETTE” (Bootleg Tapes)
Mind Dynamics “ALL TERRAIN” (Bootleg Tapes)
DJ NJ Drone “espresso SYN” (Bootleg Tapes)
Despoiler “Dysgenika” (Grovl Tapes)
Body-San “Corporate Interiors” (100% Silk)
V.A.  “DIVE” (Infinite Waves)
Smurphy “AS Shapeless Pool of Lovery Pale Colours Suspended in the Darkness” (Leaving)
Captive “Black Leather Glove” (Cønjuntø Vacíø)
ACI_EDITS “/\\07” (Aught)
Some Pepper “Nightshades” (Decoherence)
Sunk Heaven “Mirrored Confines” (Decoherence)
German Army “Pennantia” (905 tapes)
Jesse Ruins “Heartless” (M/A/G/N/I/P/H)

Helmer “Roccale” (Valcrond Video)
Damien Dubrovnik “Vegas Fountain” (Posh Isolaton / Alter)
Psychic Reality “Chassis” (Intercoastal Artists)
Sheer Mag “s/t” (Wilsuns Recordings)
Marie Davidson “Un Autre Voyage” (Holodeck)
Novella “Land” (Sinderlyn)
Kara-Lis Coverdale and LXV “Sirens” (Umor Rex)
Varg “Ursviken” (Norhtern Electronics)
Communions “Communions” (BIG LOVE)

Lolina “RELAXIN' with Lolina” (Lolina)
Jesse Ruins “The Other Type Of Heartless” (M/A/G/N/I/P/H)

D/P/I “AdHocc” (Zona Music(a))

Form A Log “At Festival”



カセットテープ 35タイトル 38本
German Army “Of Babongo” (Discrepant)
Khaki Blazer “Aspirin Mask” (Centre)
Prostitutes “Mandarin Siblings” (Centre)
Design A Wave “Dead Snake” (birdFriend) 
V.A. “Nothing Is Permanent” (Fm Dust)
O$VMV$M “Memoryz Ov U” (NoCorner)
Beat Detectives “Boogie Chillen / The Hills of Cypress” (Where To Now?)
TALsounds “All The Way” (Hausu Mountain)
Potions “Light and Dark” (Hausu Mountain)
Piper Spray “Krolorog” (Hausu Mountain)
M/M “MMODS” (videogamemusic)
Umfang “s/t” (videogamemusic)
Nadhia Kahn “Deep Court” (videogamemusic)
Feingold “Nuff Zang” (1080p)
Wywy Brix “Clear Licorice” (1080p)
yuk. “a n a k” (Leaving Records)
Barnett / Ortmann “Seasonal Attrition” (Centre)
V.A. “Weird Sounds from Russia and Ukraine” (Gnar Tapes)
RAP “Let’s Get Serious” (Born Free)
Arjan MIranda & Mads Hayduk Heldtberg “O.S.M.” (Escho)
Maxxbass “Is Techno Camping” (Born Free)
Assembler “ANA & GYAKUSUO” (Infinite Waves)
Isorinne “Samarbeten” (Infinite Waves)
Equi “Men’s Health” (Infinite Waves)
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. “Mjöldryga” (Beläten)
Granite Mask “Her Venomous Hiss” (Nostilevo)
Blood Room “Mazikeen Scheme” (Fort Evil Fruit)
German Army “Chigwe” (Fort Evil Fruit)
Ondnes “Surf e Performance” (Fort Evil Fruit)
Rastrejo “Fracture de Miramientos” (Fort Evil Fruit)
Panabrite “Disintegrating Landscape” (Immune)
V.A. “Sunset Silk” (100% Silk)
V.A. “400/100” (Metaphysical Circuits)
Holly Waxwing “Peach Winks” (Numenal Loom)
Tanning SalonDream Castle” (Afternoons Modeling)

XIII “No (The Relative Effect Of Explication)” (Gang Of Ducks)
V.A.“VA01” (Farbwechsel)
High-Functioning Flesh “Definite Structures” (DAIS)
Valet “Nature” (Kranky)
Jaws “Keys To The Universe” (Hundebiss)
Container “LP” (Spectrum Spools)
Helena Hauff “Lex Tertia” (Werk Discs)
Helm “Olympic Mess” (Pan)
Staccato du Mal “El Mago En Ti” (Nostilevo)
Event Cloak “Life Strategies” (Orange Milk)

Constellation Botsu “ガバケツだもんで” (NUte Records)
+you “World Tour” (Exo Tapes)

Yusaku Arai / Kentaro MInoura “ラグEP” (self release)
V.A. “New Labour” (Opal Tapes)


YPY “Blazed and Confused” (birdFriend)
“Um di levou-me” (A Q U A E)

Marc Merza “Selective Memory” (Selective Memory)

In Media Res “リンキンパーク Triginta Septem” (Exo Tapes)
In Media Res “リンキンパーク Viginti Sex” (Exo Tapes)
In Media Res “リンキンパーク Quindecim Cd” (Exo Tapes)

Cakedog “O.T.K.” (We Are Tar)



カセットテープ 35本
Craow  “Live At No Rave” (Ascetic House)
Grace “s/t” (Ascetic House)
Negation “s/t” (Ascetic House)
Appetite “s/t” (Ascetic House)
Fingering Eve “Detach” (Cønjuntø Vacíø)
Marshstepper “El Prat De Llobregat, Catalonia” (Cønjuntø Vacíø)
Discoverer “In Collection” (MJMJ Records)
Eliyas “Crimson & The Indigo” (Harsh Riddims)
rkss “Cell” (Seagrave)
Good Willsmith “Snake Person Generation” (Hausu Mountain)
Ramzi “Houti Kush” (1080p)
Machine Girl “Gemini” (Orange Milk)
Gora Sou “Ramfication” (Orange Milk)
Exael “Actaeon” (Beer On The Rug)
Plus Emitter “Digital Rainforest” (Beer On The Rug)
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. “Förintelsen & Döden” (Opal Tapes)
Suburban Musïk “s/t” (self release)
Bataille Solaire “Dolby’s ON” (manshio)
Zonotope™ “Mainframe’s Tetralogy” (Samling Recordings)
V.A. “Two” (Summer Cool)
Stefana Fratila “Efemera” (Trippy Tapes)
食品まつり/Duenn “いしEP” (duenn)
Roman Nails “Bareoot Sports” (Where To Now?)
Jess Osborne-Lanthier “From A Flawed Apex Which Led To The Head” (Where To Now?)
Moon Wheel “Okant Land” (Where To Now?)
Free Jack “Un Against The Firewall” (Where To Now?)
Traag “Confused In Reality” (Opal Tapes)
Huerco S. “Untitled” (Opal Tapes)
Tuff Sherm & PMM “The Pagan Cinema” (Opal Tapes)
Hakobune “love knows where” (Constellation Tatsu)
Suryummy “Prismatic Escalator” (Constellation Tatsu)
Dang Olsen Dream Tape “Just Roll” (Constellation Tatsu)
Eyeliner “Buy Now” (Beer On The Rug)
Tallesen “inca” (Bootleg Tapes)

Cold Cave “Full Cold Moon” (Deathwish)
S. Araw “Trio” XI “Gazebo Effect” (Sun Ark)
Beat Detectives “Climate Change” (Not Not Fun)
Haf Haf “This Sick Beat” (Danse Noire)
Wind Atlas “Lingua Ignota” (Burka For Everybody)
Femminile Noir “À la prochaine” (Mind Records)
Night Musik “Transit” (Mind Records)
V.A. “idealism Volume One” (iDEAL)
Hey Mother Death “Highway” (Paper Bag Records)
M.E.S.H. “Piteous Gate” (Pan)
Silent Servant / 5717 “Jealous 06” (Lealous God)
White Poppy “Natural Phenomena” (Not Not Fun)
Luke Wyatt “Teen Remixes” (Emotional Response)
Koreless “TT / Love” (Young Turks)

V.A. “Agave Res” (Seagrave)
V.A. “Savage Re” (Seagrave)



カセットテープ 44本
Headcleaner “HC1” (Ascetic House)
Ergot  88 “Dissector” (Ascetic House)
Deep Pill “Centrifuge” (Ascetic House)
Memorymann “In My System” (Ascetic House)
J. S. Aurelius “Hollucinognosis Loops” (Ascetic House)
J. S. Aurelius “S. F.M. D. B.” (Ascetic House)
Jock Club “Wet” (Ascetic House)
Maniac Cop “Pt.1” (Ascetic House)
Marshstepper “Laboratorio das Artes, Guimaraes” (Ascetic House)
Granite Mask “Exit Strategies” (Ascetic House)
Boys Of Paradise “Onyx (Bachelorette Dub)” (Ascetic House)
Purity Of Essence “Formless” (Ascetic House)
Regional Curse / Melt “” (Moontown Records)
V.A. “Cassette Club 1” (Moontown Records)
V.A. “Cassette Club 3” (Moontown Records)
CFCF “The Colours of Life” (1080p)
UMFANG “OK” (1080p)
Dialect “Gowanus Drifts” (1080p)
Cube “Fade To Beige” (self release)
Kvien & Sommer “Weathering” (Full Of Nothing)
Sculpture / Karl Fousek / D Hansen / GLIA “Four Way Split # 1” (Phinery)
Vuptes & Broshuda “Vush” (Phinery)
Miaux “Above The High Rays” (Ultra Eczema)
Puce Mary “Fear And Pleasure” (Posh Isolation)
Contour “Year Of The Hunter” (Posh Isolation)
Glochids “Venutian Formula” (Phinery)
Precipitation “Meditations on the Self and the Other” (videogamemusic)
DJ Hotel “Hope” (videogamemusic)
Angels Dust “Slow Tapes” (Hit+Run)
Unknown Mobile “Chime, Flower & Foutain Cures” (Summer Cool)
Regularfantasy “Born On The Weekend” (Genero)
V.A. “SOLITARE” (Solitude Solutions)
Dizzcock “AL” (Red For Colour Blind)
Freddy Ruppert “Krait” (Red For Colour Blind)
Cherushii “Memory Of Water” (100% Silk)
Auscultation “L'etreinte Imaginaire” (100% Silk)
Varg “Oceanfront Etiquette” (Northern Electronics)
P.I.G.S. “20 EYES” (Oxen)
Collin McKelvey “First Accents of a Rustic Flute” (Beer On The Rug)
minimalviolence “Heavy Slave” (Genero)
Holly Waxwing “Goldleaf Acrobatics” (Noumenal Loom)
LSTNGT “Moderate Nightmare 84-97” (Solitude Solutions)
Constellation Botsu “ヤングっぺらい” (birdFriend)
Masashi Naka “In NYC 2015  Mixtape ”

Princess Century “Lossy” (Paper Bag)
Boan “MENTIRAS” (Holodeck)
Gel Set “Human Salad” (Moniker)
Michael Vallera “Diatance” (Opal Tapes)
Body Boys “No Face” (Opal Tapes)
Heather Woods Brodrick “Glider” (Western Vinyl)
Pigeons “Buoy” (Soft Abuse)
Elysia Crampton “Bound Adam 2011” (Total Stasis)
Lightning Glove “Raving Peacock's Tail” (Ono Tesla / Red For Colour Blind)
Raze De Soare “Albatros” (Future Nuggets)
Girl's Generation “Catch Me If You Can” (SM/EMI)
Merely “Nirvana” (BIG LOVE)
Beatrice Dillon “Face A/B” (Where To Now?)

M Ax Noi Mach “Raw Elements: 1999-2009” (Handmade Birds)

FKA Twigs “M3LL155X - EP” (Young Turks)
食品まつり aka FOODMAN “This is a pen EP” (self release)

2カセットテープ 3本
JCCG / FLP  “split” (A Q U A E)
Pod Blotz “Refractive Errors” (Memory Loss)

Kentaro Minoura “エ” (self release)

V.A. “INHA002”



Gora Sou “Modular Environments For Home Listening Vol. 1” (Lillerne Tapes)
Wage “Sex and Risk” (Lillerne Tapes)
Rainbow Lorikeet “Tail Biting” (Seagrave)
Broshuda “No Fun” (Seagrave)
Gultskra Artikler “Destroy Music” (Umor Rex)
Remy Charrier “Remy Charrier” (Umor Rex)
Head Dress “Crawl, Take” (Cønjuntø Vacíø)
Pod Blotz “Other” (Cønjuntø Vacíø)
V.A.  “グレーガーデンホーム” (Onmyodo Cassette)
010001111000 / bus▢▲  “split” (Onmyodo Cassette)
010001111000 “17” (se4lf release)
V.A. “Dream Disc: Vol.1” (Dream Disc)
RAN “Demo” (GERM)

Darren Keen “He's Not Real” (Orange Milk)
Bruce Smear “Chlorine” (Orange Milk)
Drinks “Hermits On Holiday” (Heavenly)
Helen “The Original Faces” (Kranky)
Empress Of “Me” (Terrible Records)
F Ingers “Hide Before Dinner” (Blackest Ever Black)
Lower “I'm A Lazy Son... But I'm The Only Son” (Escho)
Maia “Smitten / Quartz”

Smurphy “LA GARDENS”
Anda “S대는 갔을텐데 (Mastering) - Single”
Anda “Touch - EP”
Wonder Girls “REBOOT” 

Dolphins Into The Future - Lieven Martens Moana “Humble is the Melody. Flowing the Giant Clam. A Collection” (Edições En)



カセットテープ (44タイトル57本)
Hold/MC “In My Mind I'm Already Gone” (Where To Now?)
Pez “Pez's Face In Love” (Where To Now?)
Timelon “OK Rog” (Where To Now?)
R. Elizabeth “Season of Error” (Where To Now?)
Yong Yong “Orson Welles' Parents” (Akashic Records)
Dick 50 “Touching The Garden” (Akashic Records)
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji “Hey Zuccini” (Akashic Records)
A i w A “I'd Rather Take You Out” (Farbwechsel)
Soviet Pop “Dialogue” (Goaty Tapes)
Banana Head “Phones the Public” (Goaty Tapes)
Club Sound Witches “Untitled” (Goaty Tapes)
Goat Bath Eternity “Downers” (Goaty Tapes)
CORIN “WAVE SYSTEMS” (Speaker Footage)
Birdy Earns “Structure Studies” (Speaker Footage)
MMMOOONNNOOO “The Act in Between” (Speaker Footage)
Topdown Dialectic “/\\09” (Aught)
Rolande Garros ““Grand Slam”” (MMODEMM)
SILF / Container / Wilted Woman / Tlaotlon / Salsa “MDM C” (MMODEMM)
n-chtbttte / Das Ding / Windbreaker / F#X / Nika Son / Hypnobeat “MDM B” (MMODEMM)
H Takahashi “Sea Meditation” (Entertainment Systems)
Bobby Diabolo “s/t” (Entertainment Systems)
Winged Simians “s/t” (No Basement Is Deep Enough)
The Pink Chunk “unearthed” (No Basement Is Deep Enough)
Ssaliva “Thought Has Wings” (Leaving Records)
Dem Hunger “Caveman Smack” (Leaving Records)
Sun Araw & Matthewdavid “LIVEPHREAXXX!!!!” (Leaving Records)
Larry Wish “Born Outside My Window” (Orange Milk)
Man Made Hill “Totally Regular” (Orange Milk)
Tendencies “Waterbed” (Orange Milk)
G.S. Sultan “ad.sculpt tutorial” (Orange Milk)
Varg “Star Alliance” (Posh Isolation)
/f “~cicatrix” (cacao)
10th Lettter “Portals & Compasses” (Harsh Riddims)
V.A. “Low Company” (Blackest Ever Black)
Machine Woman “THANK YOU SLIPKNOT” (Sacred Tapes)
Eartheater “RIP Chrysalis” (Hausu Mountain)
PHORK “Disc Creparsi” (Player Press)
HD Sunrise “s/t” (Player Press)
Christian Michael Filardo “Mirth” (Player Press)
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. “Leave Of Absence” (Opal Tapes)
German Army “Preserving Senses” (Opal Tapes)
Son Of “Social Zombies” (Opal Tapes)
Clouds “Sapporo NYE Crew (1995)” (Opal Tapes)
Joanna Newsom “Divers” (Drag City)

La Nuit “Desert Television” (Beacon Sounds)
Mocky “Key Change” (Heavy Sheet)
U.S. Girls “Born Free” (4AD)
Weyes Blood “Cardamom Times” (Mexican Summer)
Co LA “Hegemony of Delete” (Primary Information)
Julia Holter “Have You In My Wilderness” (Domino)
Helena Hauff “Discreet Desires” (Werkdiscs)
Patricia “Beminventory” (Opal Tapes)
Night Sins “Down To Drown” (Anybody's Flowers)
Police Des Moeurs “Ceux Qui Restent” (Mannequin)
Skandinavian Star “s/t” (BIG LOVE)
Profligate “Extremities” (Unknown Precept)
V.A. “Tracks Volume 1” (Cititrax)
Princess Century “Progress” (Paper Bag)
Lolina “Relaxin' With Lolina”

DJWWWW / Nicole Brennan / Orokin “Gargoyle” (Apothecary Compositions)
Red Velvet “Red” (SM)

Beru “Adult Emotions EP”
Madegg / Nicole Brennan / Kentaro Minoura / 荒井優作 “VOID ep”



カセットテープ 37本
Ape Explore “Organism Acid” (Indole)
City “Simulation Mix” (Apothecary Compositions)
Cara Stricker & John Kirby “Drool” (Terrible Records)
Giant Claw “Deep Thoughts” (Orange Milk)
Grafiti Tapes “Grafiti Tapes 5 - 10FOOT & TAPES” (Grafiti Tapes)
Grafiti Tapes “Grafiti Tapes 4 - SENY” (Grafiti Tapes)
Mary Lattimore “Luciferin Light” (Kit Records)
The Nag's Head “Luxury Slime Vortex” (Kit Records)
Seth Graham “No.00 in clean life” (Orange Milk)
Fire “Fire Plays Dub Landing” (Ya Reach)
Tlaotlon “Wiper FBX” (Dream Discs)
Moa Pillar “Humanity” (Full Of Nothing)
Dreamcrusher “Hackers All Of Them Hackers” (Fire Talk)
Dreamcrusher “Suicide Deluxe” (Hausu Mountain)
Siobhan “Casino Native” (Speaker Footage)
AyGeeTee “All Threes Again” (Speaker Footage)
Foans “Schema” (Speaker Footage)
James Conduit “Shoveling Fog” (Speaker Footage)
The Scrapes “The Songs of Baron Samedi” (Soft Abuse)
Oake “Live In Marseille” (Ascetic House)
LXV “Asylum / Theophany” (Soft Abuse)
Beatrice Dillon “NBE Series 1” (NBE Series)
Telepathe “Destroyer” (Young Cubs)
Sasha Conda “Bronco” (Not Not Fun)
Paco Sala “Der Gast” (Night School)
Ben Zimmerman “Heartbreak” (Exo Tapes)
Ben Zimmerman “My Mind Is Fried, But What A Ride” (Exo Tapes)
Mark McGuire “Beyond Belief” (Dead Oceans)
Stefana Fratila “Tristă cu Frică” (Genero)
Accem Myomi “Tiffany's Monday” (Where To Now?)
Ondness “Sentinela” (Where To Now?)
Idolatria “Ideale Primo” (Where To Now?)
Melly “HUman Body” (Where To Now?)
Roman Nails “Barefoot Sports” (Where To Now?)
C V L T S “A U D I A L / S” (Beer On The Rug)
Percival Pembroke “Pembroke Autumn / Winter Catalog” (Beer On The Rug)
CARRE “Live at Otsuka” (BACON ROLL)

Jake Meginsky “Vandals” (Open Mouth)
Body Tools “Locusts & Lions” (Valcrond Video)
Mind Over MIrrors “The Voice Calling” (Immune)
Stump Valley “Magica Movida” (No “Label”)
Hypnotower “Unlearn” (iDEAL)
YPY “Visions” (Nous)
Molly Nilllson “Zenith” (Night School)
Tarcar “Mince Glace” (Blackest Ever Black)
V.A. “I can't give you the life you want” (Blackest Ever Black)

Vesica Piscis “Twin Yang” (Indole)
Ex Geo “Xiturn” (Indole)
Aristocrat P. Child “Now We're Getting Somewhere!” (Paralaxe Editions)
Aristocrat P. Child “All Your Heart” (Paralaxe Editions)
Aristocrat P. Child “We Got Telephones” (Paralaxe Editions)
DJ Sí Sí Sí Gracias “Sun Araw & D/P/I Forget Our Fates” (Paralaxe Editions)
DJ Sí Sí Sí Gracias “Parallel Desires” (Paralaxe Editions)
f(x) “4walls” (SM Entertainment)
Dog In The Snow “Uncanny Valley” (Love Thy Neighbour Records)
Umanzuki “NEMI” (Beer On The Rug)

Fronte Violeta “Travessias” (Dama da Noite Discos)

Buttechno “SPORT” (self release)



食品まつり aka Foodman “Hot Rice” (Patient Sounds LTD.)
V.A. “Points/One” (Go! Finger)
Bad Intentions “Everybody's Doing It” (Vacant Valley)
Kompact Development “s/t” (Vacant Valley)
N8 Noface “The Dolo Tapes” (Hit + Run)
Chain Of Flowers “Cadwyn o Flodau” (Alter)
mixtape “A Diagonal Mixtape” (Mount Analog)
mixtape “Truth Or Dare In North America” (Blackest Ever Black / Mount Analog)
CAT 500 “The Comp” (Leaving Records)
Hegira Moya “Sway” (Intake Tower)
Evian Volvik “Health Comes First” (self release)
DEVIATIØN “Hymn For Privations and Desire” (self Release)
Ylang Ylang “Full Moon Solo Piano” (Pinery)
CORIN & ju ca “Accumulated Spaces” (Pinery)
OBA & Nico Niquo “Vessel” (Pinery)
Golden Living Room “Post-Internet” (Pinery)
Euglossine “Emotion's Potion” (Pinery)
Low Flung “A House Unconscious” (Pinery)
Pale Blue “The Past We Leave Behind” (2MR / Captured)
Basic House & Metrist “The World Is Order, Incarnate” (Opal Tapes)
Basic House “Cryptid Binaries” (Opal Tapes)
Erica Eso “One Hundred Year” (Ramp Local)
M Ax Noi Mach “Creeper” (Ormolycka)
FRAK “Hello Nova” (Ormolycka)
IXTAB “Voice-Hand” (Tymbal Tapes)
Somnoroase Păsărele “GAMA” (Tymbal Tapes)
James Ferraro “Skidlow” (Break World)
Iceage “Live 2014” (BIG LOVE)
Rick Weaver “Blue Sky” (Haord Records)
Cong Vu “第3TEK” (No Music)
V.A. “Milk Of The Seer Beast” (Alien Passengers)
Memory Leaks Onto The Rug “Drip Cup” (self release)
Rug “rug mix” (self release)

Tropic Of Cancer “Stop Suffering” (Blackest Ever Black)
Tropic Of Cancer “Archive: The Downwards Singles” (Blackest Ever Black)
Mueran Humanos “Miseress” (ATP Recordings)
Oneohtrix Point Never “Garden of Delete” (Warp)
Pill “Hot Glue” (Mexican Summer)
V.A. “EXO” (Ekster)
Charlie Hilton “Pony” (Captured)
V.A. “Ny dansk Romantik” (Total Black)
Grimes “Art Angels” (4AD)
Peder Mannerfelt “Variation EP” (Ultimate Hits)
Manta “Etra” (Where To Now?)
Ectoplasm Girls “TXN” (iDeal)

Isolde Touch “Secretary of Sensation” (Entr'acte)

f(x) “12 25 Wish List - WINTER GARDEN - Single”
V.A, “美しい (Utsukushii) I & II” (Wasabi Tapes)

Zodiak “Death Before Surrender”

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